Underestimating the importance of problem analysis makes problem solving a costly and time-consuming matter of trial and error.

Persistent problem?

Have you been in a situation where you thought a problem was solved but it came back?

Time pressure

Your team members have neither the time nor the tools to analyze these problems. They proceed by trial and error, which costs time and money.

Our approach

We quickly pin-point the root conflict causing your problem, so that it can be solved efficiently and permanently. In past projects, our methods have saved time by a factor of more than a 100.

Our unique method generates a complete decomposition of your problem, providing the optimal foundation for strategic problem solving. These are its features:


We decompose your problem into the potential causal chains that might yield its outbreak and that originate in either intra-systemic root conflicts or mistakes.


Instead of asking the question, “Why does P occur?”, we ask “What would you do in order to bring about P by means of the available resources?”


We use general logic to produce an exhaustive analysis that articulates the relevant information (that we gather from your specialists) into one picture.

Fully explicit functional chains

By expressing each statement according to our semantic domino principle the causal chains become fully explicit functional chains.


The result of our analysis is a visualization of the interdependencies between the relevant causal chains of the problem.


Our decomposition of your problem provides the optimal foundation for strategic problem solving.

Our unique combination - an experienced engineer and a specialist in methodology & logic - makes for a powerful team that knows how to tackle complex problems efficiently.

Justus Schollmeyer

Co-Founder & Chief Methodologist

has a strong background in philosophy and data science and investigates the logic of creative problem solving. He is doing research on the development of effective tools for facilitating the creation of strong solutions to dilemmatic problems.

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Kartik B. Ariyur

Automation & Engineering

has a Ph.D. in control engineering. His work on extremum seeking control is used in dozens of industries, his algorithms at Qualcomm running on cellphones worldwide and his algorithms for gas turbine engines running in 70% of commercial aircraft APUs worldwide.

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When required by the nature of the project, we will recruit expertise from our interdisciplinary team to develop the best solution to your problem.

Isabel Estevez

Economics & Policy

is completing her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge on economic development theories and their application. She has extensive experience in consulting and policy design, with a focus on industrial strategy, innovation and sustainable development.

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Dietmar Zobel

Chemistry & Hydropower

is a specialist for inventive problem solving with a Ph.D. in chemistry and more than 40 years of industry experience holding a variety of patents — most of them used in chemical industry. He is the author of influential books and articles on creative problem solving.

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